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We are a charity-based community preschool.

An experienced and professional staff team combine with the governance provided by a voluntary parental committee. Being non-profit, everything beyond our running costs is reinvested into events and resources to enrich the experience of the children who attend. We are at the heart of our community, both physically (being located in the centre of the village) and culturally (with our events, activities, and local associations, such as with Box Primary and other local schools). 

We are child-centred.

Our routines and flexible sessions are designed to put the needs of children first. Children can gradually build their sessions and length of time that they attend preschool so that the child’s well-being is prioritised. We ensure that each child is learning at a pace that is consistent with their social and emotional needs. We believe that our term-based, flexible, high quality sessions contribute towards a healthy balance between setting-based and domestic-based early childhood education and care (see a recent government Study of Early Education and Development (SEED) for more findings around the different types of care and their benefits).

We are inclusive. 

We welcome all children and provide appropriate learning opportunities for them. Our system of observation and record keeping, which operates in partnership with parents, enables us to monitor every child’s needs and progress on an individual basis; we put in place targets to ensure that every child meets their potential. Our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) has many years’ experience supporting children with SEN and their families.

We are committed to quality.

For our children, we seek to provide a high quality early education that inspires a love of learning and prepares an excellent foundation for school. For our staff, we actively support their professional development through training, qualifications, and continuous improvement. We keep abreast of the various pedagogical approaches and best practices in the sector and adapt and integrate them into what works well for our setting. Happy, well-motivated staff help to develop happy, well-motivated children.